Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Waited far too long for this to get a cinema release in the UK. Seeing as that release date has been postponed indefinitely, I thought fuck it went through other means, as I'm a sucker for a Jason Statham action film. Plus I'm always curious at whatever Guy Ritchie does.

This ended up being nothing like I'd expect from a Guy Ritchie film. His flair for action certainly lends itself to a Statham film, but this far from the usual flashy, fast-paced and snappy crime-comedies he's known for. In fact, this could have been a generic Statham thriller, but Ritchie's direction elevates this into something brutal, cold and wildly compelling.

Gone is Ritchie's expected world of snappy dialogue and cockney criminals, which is instead replaced with cold, clinical and brutal action. It doesn't push the boundaries of creative action, but what's here is very stylish and carries energy. As a heist film, it carries that same sort of urban warfare with criminals armed with military equipment that you'd expect from Heat or Den of Thieves.

At it's core, this is a typical Statham revenge film that unfolds with a non-linear type of storytelling complete with chapter headings that build things up very nicely. It's massively effecient with brisk storytelling and intrigue that I wouldn't expect from this genre. Let alone a Statham/Ritchie joint. It's far more in line with a Craig S. Zahler film that what you'd associate with Ritchie, which I never thought I'd say.

Jason Statham might be a one-note actor, but he does what he's suited for very well. But here, this angrier, more focused role is one of his best to date. A no-nonsense man on a mission of revenge with just the right amount of depth and interest given to you as the plot unravels. He's joined by a solid cast including Josh Hartnett (Nice to see him again), Holt McCallany and a surprisingly decent Scott Eastwood, who works far better as a cold hearted sociopath than an heroic lead.

Wrath of Man delivers far, far more than I could have expected. A near career high for Jason Statham and Guy Ritchie. An effecient, violent and compelling action thriller that's well directed, brutal and far better than it had any right to be. Will see again if Lionsgate get off their arse and release it in cinemas here.

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