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  • Aquaman



    I'm perfectly OK with a superhero adventure that's bookended by Queen Nicole Kidman. She is the heart and soul of this movie.

  • Madeline's Madeline

    Madeline's Madeline


    Here we go. Another pretentious indie art.
    Go get a better editor. Your cuts, they don't stick.
    Just another Spike Jonze-wannabe.

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  • The Diary of a Teenage Girl

    The Diary of a Teenage Girl


    This is how the mental prism of our society works:
    15-year old boy having sex - OMG so fucking cool.
    15-year old girl having sex - nooo, BBFC, censor this shit.
    Controversial, yes, but wholly justified, disarmingly honest exploration of the teenage female psyche and burgeoning sexuality. It braves everything that your dastardly, gutless teenage movies have been circumventing for years, if not since the dawn of time. The Diary of a Teenage Girl grabs the sex issue by the…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    Fuck your moral high ground. Von Trier is that rarest of filmmakers willing to explore the basest, darkest, blackest of human impulses. People see provocation. I see a hellish condemnation of the artistic, murderous male ego that feels apt.