JP Fournier

JP Fournier is one of the two hosts of the movie podcast, The Movie Jerks. "Learning to love the movies you hate... or hate them more."

Favorite films

  • Cinema Paradiso
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • A Night at the Opera
  • Seven Samurai

Recent activity

  • Infamous


  • F9


  • The Sex Adventures of the Three Musketeers

  • Blood Mania


Recent reviews

  • Infamous



    Bella Thorn gives an energetic performance in this dreadfully unoriginal tale about young couple that head out on a crime spree, ala "Bonnie And Clyde", "Natural Born Killers" style, but without anything profound to say, nor the ability to say something interesting.
    The musical chooses stand out with great tunes. And while the sound track is good, it leads into one embarrassingly poor ending, that will irritate people who understand how implausible the writing is.
    The film borrows from better film without understanding why those films worked. Shamefully unoriginal in the worst way.
    Another waste of a good performance along with your time.

  • F9



    This series is walking a thin line between being entertainingly stupid to the point of being too stupid. This one might be the first to take a step over that line to too stupid.
    "F9" still delivers some high octane destructive car porn, the corny dialogue, and some outrageous action concepts (this time defying physics for magnet tricks), but a few moments, like swing a car like Tarzan, started to break my ability to ignore the ridiculousness.
    I am not…

Popular reviews

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    Truly a mixed bag of quality, and practically all typical of what Disney films have become... no longer timeless.
    Starting with the positives, Emily Blunt is charming as Lily Houghton, a Catherine Hepburn inspired (not to mention other inspirations pulled from "African Queen" throughout the film) fearless explorer. Dwayne Johnson brings his Dwayne Johnson charisma, as he plays... basically the same character we see him always play. The supernatural villains, Spanish conquistadors who's physical personas are items from a deep…

  • Possessor


    Brandon Cronenberg has certainly delivered something more sadistic and darker than his father’s past works. However, like his father, he still offers a feature with incredible imagination, believable characters, and a thought-provoking tale, and not to forget, some exceptionally nasty body horror.

    “Possessor” brings us into the works of an assassin, Tasya Vos, who can possess and control people’s bodies to terminate some high-profile targets. When she gets trapped inside the mind of one assignment, her reality and sense of…