Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★½

Strong sequel delivers some exceptional Halloween season cinematography, atmosphere, and even sound effects/musical score to be a perfect release for this time of year.
Unlike other slasher flicks, "Halloween Kills" centers its attention on the small town of Haddonfield, Ill. still emotionally dealing with the tragic murders of Michael Myers 40 years ago. The film dedicates time on building up characters, so as some of them become victims, there's a sense of loss and despair for their demise. And the whole cast is great, even when having to deliver some over of the top and sometime a little to much on the point dialogue. Jamie Lee Curtis stand outs yet again, as even scene with her feel authentic, natural, and emotionally driven.
This is a sharp and devoted looking film, nailing the feeling of the past films, the era, and the Halloween Holiday season. I always find most films taking place on Halloween come off feeling more like a marketing made commercial or Madre Gras. But "Halloween Kills" nailed the nostalgic feel of the season.
Besides a couple killing sequences coming off more comical than menacing or scary, "Halloween Kills" is a solid film. And sets up nicely the final film.

31 Days of Horror, Day 15, Movie 1

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