Possessor ★★★½

Brandon Cronenberg has certainly delivered something more sadistic and darker than his father’s past works. However, like his father, he still offers a feature with incredible imagination, believable characters, and a thought-provoking tale, and not to forget, some exceptionally nasty body horror.

“Possessor” brings us into the works of an assassin, Tasya Vos, who can possess and control people’s bodies to terminate some high-profile targets. When she gets trapped inside the mind of one assignment, her reality and sense of self is in jeopardy of being obsolete.

This film is certainly a slow burn, with a deliberate pace that allows time to understand the elements at play, but also to lay down the foundation of how dangerous her job becomes. By the ending conclusion, the amount of dread and mental anguish displayed is unmistakable. While the film easily explains complex concepts, it also has a few tricks up it’s sleeves to land some surprises that only enhance the world building. Andrea Riseborough is spectacular as Tasya Vos and she’s surrounded by many tough but strong performances from the rest of the cast.

While “Possessor” is my type of tea, I do know the slow pace and/or the exceptionally gory effects (not an exaggeration here, my stomache was turning at some of the more graphic scenes) will be a deterrent for other.

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