Some Kind of Heaven

Some Kind of Heaven ★★★★★

Some Kind of Heaven is one of the most intimate documentaries I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Similar to Boys State, I couldn’t believe how intelligently selected the subjects are. Of the thousands of elders living in The Villages the four that Some Kind of Heaven center on are unbelievably idiosyncratic. Interestingly, the two women both feel like they’re trying to live through this absurd Floridian fantasia while the two men both have the impulse to escape everything on Earth. Even the scenes between big moments are oddly compelling, filled with synchronized dances and golf carts driving their way into a never-ending sunset.

The twilight years are an intense thing to consider as a young person but seem doubly surreal to actively live through, facing each of your last days with clarity and confidence. Some Kind of Heaven avoids the need most documentaries have to center on some cause driving the filmmaking, the people are what this film strives to capture and it does them justice in a multitude of ways. This experience peeking into these long-lived lives was equally depressing and enlightening. This doc feels profound in an unusually subtle way, undoubtedly accruing more and more meaning as I grow closer to my very own twilight years.

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