RK/RKAY ★★★★

Review by Musanna Ahmed

Rajat Kapoor’s directorial efforts (Ankhon Deki, Raghu Romeo) receive nowhere near the same attention as some of his acting stuff – not too surprising considering he performs alongside superstars such as Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn – but he has quietly carved out a niche in the North Indian film industry as a terrific indie filmmaker who combines the neoteric with the classical. His films are as much of a product of today as they are tributes to cinema history. RK/RKAY might just be the purest distillation of his style yet.

Usually, Kapoor likes to occupy three roles – director, writer, actor – and his fulfilment of that capacity here is particularly interesting because of the autobiographical implications. In this quaint dramedy, he plays RK (who we can assume is based on himself considering the initials), a filmmaker who’s seeking to pay homage to classic Hollywood and Bollywood melodrama with his new film. His filmaholicism exudes through posters of M and La Dolce Vita plastered in his editing room. Blurring the lines of characterisation, Kapoor also plays Mahboob, the protagonist of RK’s film. RK’s nightmares around the narrative quality are compounded when Mahboob literally runs out of the film, disappearing from the frames, sparking a scramble to find him. More...