Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

So I haven't been active on Letterboxd in over a year. And since then, I really haven't watched too many movies. You may ask, why is that?

I used to watch 3-4 movies per week on average and was on this app every time that I had free. And while I certainly became a film buff over my course and I met so many interesting folk here, I really wasn't enjoying life. I felt that I just had to watch movies to keep up with what everyone was talking about on this app and to impress you all. By the end, I started to hate film.

But now 13 months after my last log, I return after noticing that I have Letterboxd saved on my Chrome quickaccess tab thingy. And now I do feel so much more free and alive that I wasn't constantly checking what people say about film. I give all my praise to God for leaving me away from constantly squandering my time with film and for focusing on people in real life (not that I hate anyone here or hate this website, both elements are fantastic!!)

And I even appreciate film now again, and I feel that I watch only when I need to watch something. I even read books now and listen to music.

So I still won't be on this website 24/7, but now again when I watch a film with the fam, I might log it on here.

Also, I really enjoyed this film. I saw it in the cinema with a couple of friends and we had a good time. I just love any story involving Spider-Man and I'm so excited to see what Marvel has in store for the next phase. Also, the cameo in the post credits was so shocking!!

God Bless