Porto ★★★★½


Shocking to see a narrative debut even attempt to compile The Before Trilogy into a single <90 minute feature (I guess not that shocking, Klinger's influences are so obviously centered around Linklater; I mean, he made a documentary about the guy), even more shocking to see it work by way of a classical European arthouse style. This thing is a melancholic masterwork to behold, the breakdown of a one-night stand as poignantly quiet as it is beautifully shot (in three different formats - so strange to see a film at SXSW projected on film; the entire thing looked like a repertory screening from the 70s, and the film is all the better for it). It's smooth when it wants to be, but it's rough around the edges charm lends itself to the uncertainty of its central encounter. Not sure it'll ever get US distribution (you could feel the Austin festival-goers reject this from their cushy Alamo seats, food and drinks in hand), but Porto feels like it's meant to be kept as a little secret, away from the world and real life.

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