Florence Foster Jenkins ★★★½

I remember after this came out and Meryl was nominated for an Oscar. I was on the bandwagon of people who rolled their eyes and assumed she was nominated just because she's Meryl. And yes, having finally gotten around to watching this, I need to say I was so wrong in my assumption. In fact I'll go so far as to say she is better here than in her Oscar-winning turn in The Iron Lady. A figure that would be so easy to lampoon, Streep brings out the pain and loneliness of Foster-Jenkins in a way that few others could. She's ultimately a tragic figure, even as we find ourselves laughing along the way. She's ably supported by Hugh Grant as her longtime husband/companion, devoted to her if not willing to be his only point of devotion. Simon Hedberg's nervy and twitchy performance as McMoon, her young pianist veers a little too much over the top at times, playing the comedy more than the pathos.

This shines a light on a truly unique figure, and sympathetically shows that there is more to every person than meets the ear.

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