Last Year at Marienbad ★★★★★

This is a quite remarkable and hallucinatory film with a haunting, star-making performance from Delphine Seyrig which finds her enveloped in the most exquisite clothes from the House of Chanel. Time is both fluid and in stasis, often in the same shot while an omnipresent narration serves to muddy any real sense of a conventional narrative. But this to me is its great appeal, opening the film up to multiple interpretations - some theories which I could happily expound in great detail but for the sake of brevity, won't do so here.

There's also the influence of this film which can most clearly be seen in the later work of both Kubrick and Lynch while the stunning cinematography of Sacha Vierney brings Resnais' direction gloriously to life, bringing out the design of the gorgeous interiors as well as the many images of Seyrig floating through shots or most memorably, encased in a feathered nightdress and sprawled across a bed.

This is a quite unique contribution to cinema and one that stands the test of time. I feel incredibly lucky to have finally seen this on the big screen, a place that brings out the very best of this film.

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