Les Cowboys

Les Cowboys ★★★½

I've never seen The Searchers so I'm not entirely sure how closely this film follows the plotline of the John Ford classic. But in its own right, this is a Western although an unconventional one which follows a father and son who go searching for their sister who has disappeared with her Muslim boyfriend. There's a laudable attempt to pull a curtain back on Islamaphobia and the way the modern world still is coming to terms with having those who practise non-Western religions in our lives. There's subtlety in the way it is dealt with and although there needed to be more focus on some of the Muslim characters, it is relatively even-handed. Where this soars is the first half as a father comes to terms with the physical loss of his daughter and the second half can't quite live up to that, albeit there is some stunning cinematography across all of the locations. And there's John C.Reilly who appears out of the blue and then disappears almost as quickly, as if wandering in from another film set.

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