The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie ★★★★★

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A film so dense with meaning that I never tire of seeing it, so I can discover what I missed the last time. While the initial target for Buñuel's satire might be the indolent bourgeoisie, it soon encompasses the Church, the military and pretty much anyone in authority.

Buñuel uses surrealism to illustrate this but also dreams and then dreams within dreams that open up like a Russian doll. There's also a great deal of humour in Jean-Claude Carrière's script as well as absurd situations that take this out of didactic cinema into the most entertaining political and philosophical film you're likely to see.

He has a great cast with Fernando Rey particularly oily as the ambassador for the fictional Latin American country of Miranda while Stéphane Audran, Delphine Seyrig and Bulle Ogier are riotously good as the female bourgeois (the first two of these could appear in any film and make it better).

This is a film that has much more than discreet charm - it has a charm I would shout from the rooftops.