The Lobster ★★★★

The first time I saw this I wasn't taken with it and was especially underwhelmed by the second half of the film. This time around, I feel the film is more rounded and the second half presents itself to me more as a mirror to the first half. Interestingly, this is categorised as a comedy in Netflix which will no doubt take quite a few people by surprise when they start watching it. Yes, there's comedy but it's pitch black and this fits more easily into the sci-fi dystopian genre.

The star here is the script and particularly its delivery by Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Olivia Colman and an underused Ben Wishaw - the syncopated rhythm adds to the general feeling of absurdism but this is often broken by the sudden shedding of blood. For anyone who has followed Yorgos Lanthimos' career, this sits easily with his other films - I'm still debating on second watch though if this is his most heartfelt ending to a film or his bleakest.

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