The Tribe

The Tribe ★★★★½

A film that I can safely say I'll only ever watch once, so brutal and harrowing an experience that it gives. On a cinematic level, it succeeds wildly on two fronts. First in using uncut takes for every scene so we have uninterrupted POV of what takes place. Then the choice has been made to have the only dialogue communicated in Ukrainian sign language, without subtitles - whether an understanding of the dialogue would have informed the film is debatable. The audience is forced to acclimatise to the visual representation, akin to watching silent cinema. It's an inspired choice by the director and adds to the pure cinema experience.

Yet what it does show is frighteningly intense and in one scene on particular, where there is one of the few uses of very audible sound, completely devastating. The experience of seeing it will stay with me in the same way as seeing Antichrist and Funny Games for the first (and only) times. Groundbreaking.

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