Victoria ★★★★

A film shot in one take - is it just a gimmick or does it enhance this film and take it to another level? I'm mostly feeling the latter although as I watched it, two films kept filtering through my consciousness - Run Lola Run and Bande A Part - which is no bad thing.

It's a considerable achievement to shoot a film in one take - the logistics in doing so must have been immense and then the choreography of the shooting can only have been close to a nightmare. However director Schipper has succeeded and also put together a tight and engaging storyline, which if it has one fault, is that the decisions made by Victoria are more to keep the story going rather than being ones that are true to the character.

That aside, it's an excellent exercise in film, filled with an interesting if lightly sketched central group of misfits that more than justifies what can only have been an incredible undertaking to shoot.

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