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  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    I always forget how beautiful noir cinematography is when done well. Slight Dutch angles, low views of long stair cases, and of course the stark shadows and piercing light. This is a great example of it done right. The whole thing is jaw droppingly gorgeous and guides the viewer with understated precision. 

    However, despite being so beautiful that beauty isn’t the best thing about the movie. No the best thing is the setting, post war Vienna riddled with rubble and…

  • The Great Mouse Detective

    The Great Mouse Detective


    A nice send up to Sherlock Holmes including a vocal reprise by iconic Holmes actor Basil Rathbone. There’s charm in the character interactions and there are a few good songs but the stand out here, of course, is Vincent Price. Price delivers a wonderfully big performance with full commitment and gusto. He outshines all almost to the film’s detriment as any scene without him feels slightly empty.

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  • The Pacifier

    The Pacifier

    I have now read every The Pacifier review on this sight as of March 23 2017 4:19 PM Central Daylight Time. In five years I will return to this page and read all of the new reviews. We all search for our purpose in this life and I may have found mine.

  • Silence



    "What have I done for God? What am I doing for God? What will I do for God?"

    As a Christian I am left to scrape cinematic scraps of the floor when it comes to religious films. This is no ones fault but our own because we have poisoned the independent Christian movie well too many times with entitled Christ-ploitation films that don't need to be good as long as they have their come to Jesus moment. So I'm left…