Paprika ★★★½

From the beginning Paprika shows it's stunning visuals to suck in the viewer and almost instantly tops them with a wonderful credits sequence. The film never disappoints to give us something to look at whether in the world of someone's dreams or in the still styalized reality. Paprika is in many ways about control so it's fitting that among the visuals that are often chaotic and surreal there is still complete control on the part of the filmmakers. 

The visuals hold the audiences attention through a pretty standard and particularly mystery till the third act when the predictable villain reveals himself to actually be one of the most interesting parts of the film. It's this third act that finally lives up to the promise of the visual premise and gives us an internal spectacle that satisfies both our characters and the world they are in. I love this film's premise and though it may take a bit I think it completely delivers.

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