The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad ★★★★½

"What the fucking fuck!" That's all I could think while I was watching "Monster Squad" today. How did a movie this awesome, a movie seemingly written for me as a twelve year old, elude me for over 25 years? For fans of "Ghostbusters," "Gremlins," and "The Goonies," this movie combines all three with a script co-written by Shane Black. Plus, the effects were by Stan Winston and are crazy amazing. If I'd have seen this as a kid, I'd have been terrified (and absolutely loved it). I'm honestly sad I didn't see it then, but thankfully that was fixed today. Many people are comparing it to "The Goonies" and I actually think this movie is better. "Goonies" is way overrated. If you have never seen it and like even one of those three movies I mentioned, literally stop everything and go watch "Monster Squad."

Weird side note, I saw someone wearing a "Stephen King Rules" shirt three days ago and loved it, thinking it was just some guy declaring his love of the King with a homemade shirt. Now I know better (and also want the same shirt. Obviously).

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