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Patrick Kuhn


I'm a host of a podcast (The Nerds You're Looking For), stand-up comedian, and pop culture nerd. I am probably not as funny as I think I am.

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  • Extraordinary Tales

    Extraordinary Tales


    I really like Edgar Allen Poe’s work and animated films, so a film that combines those two things should have been right up my alley.  I’m not saying it wasn’t entertaining, it was, I was just looking for more than this film provided.  It was just narration over animation acting out what the narrator was saying.  I was just hoping that it’d be more of an interpretation of Poe’s work than just somebody reading the works to me.

  • Venom



    I could be talking out of both sides of my mouth considering I defended The Predator I few weeks ago and some may argue that that film is just as dumb if not more dumb than Venom.  However, given I had almost no expectations going into Predator, I at least had fun watching even though I can (I did actually) admit its plot was pretty stupid.  I never had that feeling with this had the DNA of an interesting horror film but the filmmakers decided to make a generic action film instead.

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