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  • Hostiles



    I think the term “Oscar Bait” is thrown around too much nowadays.  However I can’t find a better way to describe this took a HUGE swing-n-miss at award season.  At its best it’s an above-average Western, but for long stretches it was, unfortunately, dreadfully boring.

  • Loving Vincent

    Loving Vincent


    I’ve had my eye on this film for awhile now.  I thought it was an amazing idea for the animators to use Van Gogh’s painting style to animate this film.  They didn’t stop there,  the characters in this film were modeled after subjects in his most famous paintings.  Fellow animation fanboys will be amazed with the style of this film.  However, the story let this otherwise amazing film down.  I understand that the narrative was just an excuse to discuss…

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  • The X Files: I Want to Believe

    The X Files: I Want to Believe


    A story that would have made for a weak 45-minute episode gets stretched out to a 2-hour movie. Full review coming soon at

  • Logan Lucky

    Logan Lucky


    This film was described to me as a “Hillbilly Ocean’s Eleven” which is an apt but also easy comparison considering the director of LL also did those films as well.  Which leads me to wonder why he’d do a film that so closely resembles a film he’d already done?  As far as the actual film goes, Logan Lucky is a fun caper film that, unfortunately, isn’t as clever as it thinks it is.