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“You actually said that out loud? ‘Mission accomplished?’”

The M:I franchise shifts gears as we chat about Brad Bird’s 2011 film Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. What changed? Why does this one work so well? How crazy are the stunts on the side of that building? And how great is it having Benji in the field? We love it and have a great chat about it. Tune in!

Andy’s star rating:  5 stars+
Pete’s star rating:  5 stars+
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Working Girl

Working Girl


Writer/producer Rachel Lewis joins us to talk about one of her favorite movies, Mike Nichols’ 1988 film Working Girl, written by Kevin Wade. We also talk about her career as well as the goals of the current writers strike. Tune in for a great conversation!

Andy’s star rating:  4 stars+
Pete’s star rating:  4 stars+
Average star rating:  4 stars+

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“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.”

We’re back with Ethan Hunt, but this time he’s trying to take a break from the spy business and get married. Doesn’t go well though! But it does go well for the franchise and we’re here for it. Join us as we return to the franchise with our conversation looking at JJ Abrams’ 2006 film.

Andy’s star rating:  3.5 stars+
Pete’s star rating:  4 stars+
Average star rating:  3.75 stars+

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The Hustler

The Hustler


“The pool game is not over until Minnesota Fats says its over. Is it over, Fats?”

Our members voted, and for this month and next, we’re talking about ‘Fast’ Eddie Felson. We start this month with Robert Rossen’s 1961 film The Hustler starring Paul Newman, Jackie Gleason, Piper Laurie, and George C. Scott. It’s a brilliant film about pool and life, and definitely takes us on a dark journey. Tune in!

Andy’s star rating:  5 stars+
Pete’s star rating:  4…

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ethan: can you open the door remotely?
benji: .......maybe
ethan: well, that's all the confirmation I need before I jump onto a moving plane

tom cruise: hey, dare me to climb the tallest building in the world?
me: umm... well, no...
tom cruise, putting his shoes on: i can't believe you're making me do this
tom cruise, beginning to climb: you're so stupid haha

Easily the most forgettable M:I movie. In part because JJ directs this like he was given the keys to the franchise five hours before production began, but in part because the script doesn’t care about you understanding… anything! Kind of a mess. Saved entirely by PSH– the flashback opening is extremely memorable for good reason and I LOVE the scene where Hoffman has to play Ethan Hunt in a PSH mask.

Would’ve loved if they went all in on Ethan Hunt’s fake backstory of working for the Department of Transportation. “Babe I gotta go to… away. For a week. They’re… inventing a new… bus.”

Even as the franchise has taken a turn towards the wholesome, there is still enough suspense and adult humor to maintain a slight edge.

This time Nick and Norah Charles are tasked with solving a double murder relating to a jockey, and a cast of shady characters in his orbit.

My complaint continues that as the franchise moves along, Norah plays less and less of an active role in actual sleuthing. Asta might get more screen time and even more…