The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★½

"I am Linda Mitchell, mother of two! Look upon me in fear!”

An animated film about one family trying to stop a robot invasion from taking over the world doesn’t seem like the sort of movie that’s going to elicit tears, but that’s what The Mitchells vs the Machines did here. In this episode, Andy Nelson is joined in the board room by Mandy Kaplan from the Mandemic Mondays podcast, Pete Wright from The Next Reel Film Podcast, and Steve Sarmento from Trailer Rewind to talk about Michael Rianda’s new animated film produced by Lord & Miller. Needless to say, we all loved it. But what do we pull out of the themes as the titular Mitchell family works to come together as they fight off this deadly tech? What were the biggest laughs for us? And how stunning did we find the animation? Tune in to this week’s show to find out.

Andy's star rating:  5 stars+
Pete's star rating:  5 stars+
Steve's star rating:  4 stars+
Mandy's star rating:  4.5 stars+
Overall rating:  4.625 stars+

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