The Film Board: 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'

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"What are you going to do about act 3?"

The Film Board Gathers! The gang of thugs is here to take on a movie currently in theaters and spoil it rotten and this month we’re taking the stage with the Tatum behind his third run as his spiritual alter-ego Mike Lane in Steven Soderbergh’s latest return from retirement, Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

How does Taterbergh handle round three, now that we’ve reached such a departure from Channing’s real-life experience? Does this film maintain the charm of the last two and move Mike’s story forward? Where did all that water go from the stripper ballerina bit? Seriously, right? It’s just gone.

The gang is split on the last dance and we’re eager to hear what you have to say! Join the conversation with movie lovers from around the world on The Next Reel’s Discord channel! And tune in to this episode right here.

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