The Christmas Brigade

The Christmas Brigade ½

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve digested this crap.  This is the long-lost “sequel” to Michael Devitto’s infamous 1995 CGI fever dream The Christmas Light

Describing The Christmas Brigade isn’t an easy feat.  There is a sequel to it’s nightmarish predecessor buried somewhere in here, but there’s also a 12 minute “scene” that features two horrendously animated CGI twins singing non-copyrighted Xmas carols on repeat.  It is so disturbing, especially when you realize they aren’t going to stop.  The “sequel” part of this “film” just sort of....ends abruptly, segueing immediately into these two alien twins awkwardly caroling while staring dead-eyed into the camera.....for 12 MINUTES

After that, the original film plays all the way through with different narration

..... ...😐😑

Again:  WTF, Michael Devitto!  Seriously, W in the actual F!!!!!????


Moldy Shit:

Moldy Shit:


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