• Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang

    Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang


    See it to believe it.  Canuxploitaitive bad trip madness, endless nightmare fuel...

    ..nothing even remotely similar to this absurdly inappropriate descent into psychedelic child prison worlds beneath shopping malls in late ‘70s Montreal

    Precious Gems:  boxd.it/4B0pm

  • Age of Tomorrow

    Age of Tomorrow

    “I can’t see anything...”

    “...that’s because we are under a truck..”


    Moldy Shit:  boxd.it/4BpPu

  • Doogal


    Burn it. ..Burn it with hellfire.

    🔥 💩 

    Moldy Shit:  boxd.it/4BpPu

  • Coming Unglued

    Coming Unglued

    ..watch as Judgerp Reinholderp’s career becomes unglued in this derp derp, derpiddy derp. da derp dee durp, da teedly derp, letspretendtorontoischicago derp derp da derp, derp derpy derpy derp. derp durp derp, derpy doo dah derp...

    derp derp derp derp, derpeedlee da durp, you ask?????? durp deepahdee derp, derpoopeedadurp, derpeedahleee durp tahdurpplyee derplee dum 

    phun 4 the hole derpily!!

    brought 2 u by Fredurp ‘DERP’ Derpber 


    🤤 🥴 

    Moldy Shit:  boxd.it/9eZE

  • 18 Year Old Virgin

    18 Year Old Virgin

    ahh, yes.  18 Year Old Virgin.  When we discuss the Asylum & it’s epic library of despicable cinema, this absolutely must be mentioned in the same breath as the worst of the lot

    Penned AND DIRECTED by WOMEN, long-time Asylum screenwriter Naomi Selfman & someone named Tamara Olson, this plays out like a particularly tasteless early MadTV sketch gone horribly wrong, and stretched out into a feature length meltdown disaster.  The crux of the central conflict revolves entirely around the notion of…

  • Zombiez


    Discovering the.....”work” of John Bacchus is like discovering a treasure chest full of densely packed feces for us bad movie aficionados & historians

    Bacchus’s prolific oeuvre & knack for effortlessly churning out some of the worst, most despicable, insulting, putridly unwatchable things ever filmed, is miraculous, to say the least

    Tacking a ‘z’ at the end of Zombie, instead of an ‘s’, is Bacchus letting his minions (I’m one of them) know that this is an URBAN horror flick, with BLACK people…

  • Alien Beasts

    Alien Beasts


    ..say what you will about Sukenick, but the one thing that no one can say, is that he didn’t have a vision.  

    The sort of cinematic bile that something like Alien Beasts is spawned from can only be the product of a true visionary, however damaged/deranged that auteur may be.

    A Precious Gem, in that it is a Moldy nugget of diamond-laden Shit.  Alien Beasts is a demented, fascinating trip into the distant corners & recesses of one person’s tormented daymares.

    Bless Sukenick’s rotting, slime-lathered heart, and bless Alien Beasts.  

    💎 💩 👽 

    Moldy Shit:  boxd.it/4BpPu

    Precious Gems:  boxd.it/4B0pm

  • Night of Terror

    Night of Terror

    F&$king bananas...

    ..also, the film’s hue literally looks like a banana.

    Explicitly recommended.  This is PCP in movie-form.

    Moldy Shit:  boxd.it/4BpPu

  • Strata of the Image
  • Imago


    Macourek/Born/Doubrava....... underrated trio within the annals of animation.  I dig the stylistic sensibilities on display here...


    Precious Gems:  boxd.it/4B0pm

  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Ghost Tracks

    Ghost Tracks

    Boulbes speaks to me, like thunder in my ears, until I can’t hear anything at all

    Discovering him & his subdued brilliance makes me feel similar to discovering Evgeniy Yufit.  That, “ahh, so this is what/whom I’ve been searching for all along...” typa vybe 


    Precious Gems:  boxd.it/4B0pm