April Apocalypse ★★½

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"Annoying girl from high school, meet crowbar" - Artie (Reece Thompson)

Pitched slap bang between 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' and 'Zombieland', its a passable slacker-'teen-rom-zom-com'-edy. 21 year old amateur radio dj enthusiast Artie's been recently dumped and still pretty heartbroken. Fate intervenes in breaking his gloom when he's caught up in a zombie epidemic.

Erm, not sure take ya pick - une deux trois. 1, maybe I'm just too old for its angsty plot. 2, I've seen too many similar movies or 3. I was just in one of those Sir Buzz Killington of Drearyshire moods... but I couldn't warm to it. I guess its a little of all 3, plus its reliance on sugary narration certainly didn't help sway me over the 2½ star mediocrity mark.

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