Charlie's Farm ★★½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
Yeah, I'm that guy who braved 3 Chris Sun movies back2back (nigh ass2ass)... I'm not proud. Four friends looking for adventure, headout into the Australian outback for a camping trip. To see for themselves if the urban legend of Charlies Farm is true or just a campfire tale.

So he gets a budget and a few recognizable actors and pisses it all away on generic crap that barely holds itself together, way to go son. I'm being a tad harsh because 'Charlies Farm' is a cheap and cheerful no brainer (I'll hold my handup - I laughed at Manson gag) and its got some solid gore (like the wild tractor death). Sorta helped I've always been forgiving with ozploitation, some reason Aussie's make for believable rednecks. Its an acceptable b-slasher, that fans should enjoy. I'd just like to see the new blood push and subvert the genre, instead of just copying it. I wish him luck with his next project Boar.