Juan of the Dead ★★★½

..:: Country Checklist - Cuba ::..
Comic zombie movie from Cuba, follows two grifter buddies Juanito and Lazaro who have spent their lives scraping by without working. When Havana is overrun by a zombie plague they have to fight for survival. Seeing the opportunity to make money they go into business as a group of hired zombie killers, who kill peoples family members for cash. Joining them for the ride is a stoner named California, Juan's daughter Camila, China a transexual who has his/her own personal bodybuilding bodyguard and missionary Father Jones who kicks zombie ass for the lord.

Juan of the Dead is a total hoot from start to finish, the plots pretty silly but theres a few deeper issues thrown in surrounding the Cuban revolution & capitalism. Its actually pretty damn beautiful looking as well for a zombie film, director Alejandro Brugues really uses its Havana locations to great effect. The acting from everyone involved is really good especially both Lazaro (Jorge Molina) & Juan (Alexis Díaz de Villegas), I'd love to see the pair again in something they could easily be the Caribbean/South American Simon Pegg & Nick Frost. Highlights include seeing the lovely Camila totally taking out her first zombie and Juan nunchuk fighting a hoard of zombies while using their heads like stepping stones.