Noah ★★

"The creator has judged us, mankind must end."
- Noah (Russell Crowe)

Noah's given the task of keeping the innocent alive while the creator rains down an apocalyptic flood to wash away the ungodly.

A disaster movie of epic proportions, in more ways than one. Now I didn't for one minute expect Darren Aronofsky to deliver a typical biblical epic, but I expected something profound, philosophical or at least visually interesting... not a low rent LoTR's fantasy adventure with fucking warcraft earth elementals, Methuselah turned into golem, Russell Crowe vs Ray Winstone having a glorious beard off and a flood provided by Jennifer Connelly & Emma Watsons tears.

On the evidence of this 100+ million clunker I'm so glad Aronofsky never got the Watchmen gig. On the brightside the musics kickass by PWEI's Clint Mansell, Kronos Quartet and Patti Smith. And Logan Lerman gave a strong performance, he's a genuinely gifted young talent.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]
That amazing time-lapsed creation of Earth was absolutely jaw-dropping.