Painful Bliss: Final Twist ★★★½

"You know what they do in Hong Kong? they scoop out their eyes, because a prostitute doesn't need them."
- Kawasaki (Seiji Endô)

Mild mannered office supervisor Toshio Kitayama's well ordered lifestyle gets thrown out of whack, after he picks up an hooker named Midori in a titty bar. Midori happens to have a psychotic lover stroke pimp named Kawasaki, that takes a peculiar shine to Kitayama.

Just pretend I'm a woman and lets see what happens... hehe wtf can you say about Monzetsu!! Dondengaeshi aka 'Painful Bliss, Final Twist'. Its another wickedly wild sexual oddity from the clown prince of pinku perversion 'Tatsumi Kumashiro'. This one he takes an hilarious stab at gender bending, when our hapless protagonist becomes a pimps new bitch and ends up exploring his feminine side. Both Osamu Tsuruoka & Seiji Endô give great performances, as do Reika Maki, Gô Awazu and Naomi Tani as their support. One of several Tatsumi Kumashiro Nikkatsu movies I've caught this month, and he's fast becoming my goto director for guaranteed entertainment, and proves yet again here that theres far more to him than just a bit of the old in-out.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]
Party blower vagina trick. Lots of seedy nightclubs and redlight districts. The hilarious gallows music that plays everytime they off someone. Best fake boobs in cinematic history, maybe until MeatLoafs FightClubs set... tbh theres a bit of a Narrator & Tyler Durden feel with Kitayama & Kawasaki's character dynamics.