Shooting Livien ★★½

“Life and music would cease to be, if I didn't understand the nature of the machine.”
- Owen Scott (Dominic Monaghan)

Happiness Is a Worn Pun... Troubled rising alternative rock singer John Livien of rising band Virgins Undone, wrestles with his inner childhood demons while contemplating booking himself a residency at club 27.

Jason Behr goes through mommy issues, groupies and drug OD's. Sarah Wynter makes suffice eye candy and a shoulder for him to cry on. Ally Sheedy is the milf filth booking agent. And Dominic 'Oi W@nker, tis the dogs boll*cks mate' Monaghan does an audition for his role as Brit rocker Charlie in TV's 'Lost'. Watchable little music themed drama that failed to set the world on fire. But lousy John Lennon impersonations aside its more than worth giving a casual view.

[Personal Reasons For Remembering]
Songs were pretty tuneless, but I've heard worse that had become hits.