The Addicted ½

“If any creepy shit happens I wanna be right near the door.”
- Nicole Hunter (Jenny Gayner)

Drugs Are Bad, Mmkay... In order to have his way with a patients wife, a corrupt doctor at The Manor drug rehabilitation clinic keeps him drugged up. When the drug addicts wife eventually leaves he commits suicide. Cut to present, due to being rumored its haunted the long since closed clinics owners hire a group of naive paranormal novices to help uncover the Manors dark history.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Addicted aka Rehab was a shockingly inept, humourless English turkey (gobble gobble I'm slacking its only my 2nd genuine ½ star turkey of the year) that appeared to have been improvised while the cameras roll. What sort of brain dead cretins thought the world needed a semi found footage supernatural horror meets a drug addiction clinic ? seriously who in their right mind would think other people wanted to see this. Its not even a so bad its worth watching in a train wreck way, its just bad.

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