The Double ★★

"You're a conformist in hippie clothes" - Giovanni (Jean Sorel)

Incohesive and at times logic defying. Romolo Guerrieri's THE DOUBLE makes for one elusive little oddity of a film. It's far more psychological thriller than the typical Italian suspenseful crime stories you expect from a giallo. Its bizarre plot kicks off with a recently shot midlife crisis suffering architect Giovanni. While laying dying reflects on the key events that led him to being shot by a sinister professor.

Fade to black and I'm still no wiser who the shooter was, or how I honestly felt about the film. I don't have issues with wtf vacant endings as such, but the plot had so many time continuity issues Rick & Morty or The Doctor himself would be left baffled. Ewa Aulin as Giovanni's wife and Lucia Bose as her milf mother made fine eye candy. In truth they're probably the only reason to see it.