The Mad Executioners ★★★½

..::Selection for Hoop-tober 2.o Horror Fest::..
"That was done by a painter under opium, its unusual, intersting yes?" Dr. Mac Ferguson. Enjoyable Bryan Edgar Wallace (son of famed Edgar Wallace) ripping yarn. Scotland Yard are busy hunting a secret society of vigilantes, who are hanging those they judge as criminals. During this police downtime, a sinister serial killing surgeon is decapitating young women for his experiments, and his crimes are going relatively unnoticed.

I'll be honest I only viewed this to cross off 3 rules from my October horror fest list, but I got really involved. While its very talky and the two crimes felt flimsily tied together its very entertaining and stylishly filmed.

The mad doctors great and the secrect societys KKK garb (but in black) reminded me of Joy Divisions Atmosphere video. Definitely worth seeing, I'm really shocked its not had far more views here on lb'd or over at imdb. *Note to futureself - must check more EW/BEW adaptations out.