Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

They were each made a decade a part, for authenticity's sake. But then there's something to be said for the fact that watching them straight through, one after another after the other, is one unwaveringly ~kosher~ experience. Life, and more specifically, the search for it, condensed. I'll argue that all the prime ones, or at least the films that I keep close, are, in some form or another, about concision. Because, just as Jesse reminds Celine in that final scene, this is all too overwhelming for anyone to keep sight of what it means to love life. There's a whole day and an entire night in between those short glimpses where we see one complete picture that makes us feel like we're in a fairy tale, that living breathing moving painting that's gorgeous. We can give ourselves to it and it can remind us why we get out of bed. If you're lucky, you'll convene with someone who will be able to REMIND you of that, because we all need little reminders, formulated thoughts that allow us to be in attendance to the moment. If there is anything that has ever prompted me to stop for a second, listen to my own breath, pay attention to that of others, to believe in ~true love~ in a way that I could actually (remarkably) digest or fathom, it's these movies. I miss all of you but when I let myself stop and think about you and the fact that you're breathing that's all I need to smile. You are not living if you don't have people in your life who will ask you to pay attention with them. Rick and Julie and Ethan did it for me tonight but I hope sometime soon we can go for a walk and do it for each other again too.

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