Kimi ★★★

Hey, look! It’s Rear Window with a modern technological twist. When you mix the enjoyable thriller elements with Zoe Kravitz being a compelling hermit then you’ve got something cooking. Plus, I’m always down for a movie wanting to take jabs at modern social media and the invasive technologies we willing put into our homes, and into our lives, to spy on us. I even appreciate this being a pandemic movie that doesn’t shove the pandemicness in your face. This feels more accurate to life in the pandemic than most movies of this nature that we’ve seen.

However, any of the the fun had here is sugarcoating a generic story that’s incredibly predictable. There’s not much offered here that feels fresh. Just a rehashing of something you’ve seen before. It’s still interesting, but it’s not as compelling as it could be.

Kimi is nothing special, but it’s entertaining enough to have a good time. It’s a decent Soderbergh thriller.

“And trust me, I know bad: I used to moderate for Facebook.“

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