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  • The Story of Will Rogers

    The Story of Will Rogers


    Ngl the blackface kinda took me out. It's an...adequate film. Gorgeously shot as Michael Curtiz always does but pretty thin story wise. I mean, at this point in his career, Curtiz had turned out some real biopic classics so it shouldn't be surprising that this feels tired.

  • This Is the Army

    This Is the Army


    War propaganda at its finest. If you exclude the minstrel show. Which is wild when you consider there's also a number with an all black cast (including Joe Lewis). But again, that's war propaganda for ya, bb!

    Interesting structure.

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  • Mi Vida Loca

    Mi Vida Loca


    If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times: WOMEN DIRECT SEX SCENES INFINTELY BETTER THAN MEN. Watch this for proof.

    My biggest gripe - which opens up a whole other set of issues but let's not go there - is that for a film about Echo Park in the mid-90s there was no Spanish language music in the soundtrack! Like that's so wild to me.

  • In the Heat of the Night

    In the Heat of the Night


    Perfection. A study in blocking and camera movement. The deep space. The POVs. Maybe the best use of zooms in a more subtle style. I mean Haskell Wexler just did the fucking thing, it's just incredible.

    And the script, goddamn! Sharp, crisp, it feels fresh even in 2017. It's just so perfectly layered and a playground for the amazing cast. Steiger earned that Oscar win but Poitier is just a star. And everyone around them are just pitch perfect.