The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man Who Fell to Earth

I was coming into this movie after waiting the necessary period of time to get the bad taste of Eureka out of my mouth before watching another Nicholas Roeg movie. Of course Eureka had enough stylistically interesting choices and Walkabout was so incredible that I had no intention of giving up on Roeg.

Safe to say I was not disappointed. The cast of this movie is so amazing I can't remember ever seeing Rip Torn so young but boy did he nail this role. Bowie literally playing an alien couldn't have been better cast as well.

I read in another review on here that this is not so much a sci-fi film as an art film with a sci-fi premise and I couldn't agree more. It works so well, the imagery, the music, the moods, the narrative progression and cinematography are all art house but the premise keeps the story engaging throughout. The way that Roeg portrays the passage of time is so well done, and consistent for the director, being one of the aspects I did enjoy about Eureka.

The use of extra-terrestrial beings to provide critique of industrial capitalisms natural inevitable descent into hedonism is thought provoking.

Thematically this movie is as relevant now as it was when it came out, perhaps more so as we get closer and closer to facing the sort of water shortage on our planet that Newton's character was trying to solve on his. I will certainly be revisiting this in the coming years.

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