Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

It’s a treat to have a film that can represent the conversation’s we’re having about rape culture in such an immediate and direct way. I think it will spark lots of discussion. It represents the conversation to such a tee, that sometimes I wonder where its own voice is. Can occasionally feel like setting up straw men for a satisfying payoff. This can make the movie really fun and cathartic, however, even as it operates from a place of pain. I also admire that this film tackles really serious issues in a way the audience can take pleasure in.

I didn’t love the ending at first, but I think it’s actually kind of brilliant if you think about *the shocking thing that happens* as a microcosm for *something else*. Think about what she says her name is and operate from there. Sometimes I wish other parts of the film made me think more, or were more challenging. 

There’s a lot to commend. Carey Mulligan is perfect. She’s clever and snarky, but only because she’s deeply hurt. Really liked Bo Burnham in this as well. I love that a movie like this exists. Yes, it’s on the nose at times, but this also makes it the unique ride that it is. It’s well directed and has a great candy coated look.

Bonus points if you go as the nurse for Halloween. Could maybe like it better on a second watch.

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