An American Werewolf in London ★★★★½

“I will not be threatened by a walking meat loaf!”

I don’t fully know what I was expecting walking into this movie, but it definitely was not the movie I though it was going to be. An American Werewolf in London is a genuinely funny and enjoyable movie all around. It almost feels like an 80’s A24 movie. It also had some pretty effective jump scares, and I’m in pain.

First things first it does the werewolf thing right. I feel like it’s an unfortunately doomed monster story because a lot of the iterations of it that I have seen don’t really seem to understand what makes it great. This movie makes it all about the humanity behind being a werewolf and it’s works great. It doesn’t take itself too seriously which just makes for a more enjoyable and believable experience. Also that transformation scene was incredible.

The overall thought process and wacky art direction behind this film, bring this movie to another level. The “Evil Dead”- esque camera sequence works well here as well as the entire dreamy sequence. It’s makes the whole movie feels like it has layers, and makes the entire thing engaging.

Overall this movie is an incredibly well made monster flick. It’s got some genius use of camera angles, and a killer soundtrack. Good times man!

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