Bad Times at the El Royale ★★★½

“First time at the El Royale?”

Bad Times at the El Royale has been one of my most anticipated movies of the year. I was looking forward to the great cast turning into lovable characters, snappy music scenes, Chris Hemsworth’s wierdly perfect abs, and a very intriguing setting. What I got sure were those things, I mean I think so? 

So let me just say that it was a pretty good movie. It was stylish and the characters were varied and intriguing. The format of going room number by room number getting individual perspectives was groovy. And the music was largely satisfing. But it felt like it was lacking something.

My major gripe with the film is that it kinda wasted its own energy. They put all these exciting characters in this seemingly “more than meets the eye” setting, and then kinda didn’t do anything with it. 

The setting was the main element I feel like could have been used a lot more. If the El Royal is this crazy hotel with secrets, then use that. Have the hotel be it’s own character, fill it with things the other characters discover and use to thier advantages. Have the third act be a total chaos fest of rooms, chases, hallways and secrets. 

Overall the movie was fun. Acting was great all around. It’s just the plot and setting that kinda pooped out at the end.

Side note: I love Hemsworth’s American accent. There are these quick flashes of him forgetting to keep it going. There was like two per sentence. I was on the edge of my seat. 😂

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