Sorry to Bother You ★★★★

“Don't listen to what I say. Listen to what I want.”

When I first got to the end of this movie, I was genuinely confused by what I just watched.
I was not prepared for the absurdist playground this movie was written to be, and it took me awhile to wrap my brain around it. But once I did, and I made sense of all the crazy; the movie really worked for me.

Okay so yes, this movie is politically charged. But what movie isn’t. Sure this one is a pretty obvious about it, but it does it well. I think the best way to go about watching movies like this is to take it as a presentation of an idea. You may not fully agree with the idea, but you can appreciate how artfully developed the presentation is. And Sorry To Bother You does an amazing job delivering it’s idea in a way that can be studied.

I am all about weird movies. I feel like the more abstract a film is, the easier it is to objectively piece together the idea the writers had. This movie dials up the weird in a way that I think some will be turned off by, and that’s fine. Not everyone is gonna like this movie. But I think if you give it a chance you will see the absolute brilliance in the absurdity.

The phone call sequences are absolutely brilliant. I love it when film makers make a conscious effort to portray a typically a boring activity, in a new intriguing way that makes you connect with it. 

Overall this movie is truly bizarre. But bizzare with purpose. It’s intricately thought out and artfully designed. It’s a move that you could go back and watch again and pick up on so many new things. 

Also Armie Hammer is here and you really can’t lose. 🐴 🐓 

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