Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★

I liked pretty much every thing about this one. 

The opening 1666 section was really well shot, and I loved how stylized it was and the use of the cast from the previous installments. Also really liked how it treated the themes and times realistically, reminding that queer love and teenage drug fueled rebellion has existed in every time period. Also liked the use of a witch story finally as not a metaphor for something else, but as a societal cathartic and ritualistic blaming of women for the problems fate presents to a community. 

The 1994 Part 2 section is pretty great as well, if a little less tight. I particularly loved the use of the black light as a style choice, and it finally justified how blue 1994 has been. The cast is just great, particularly enjoyed Gillian Jacobs and Darrell Brett-Gibson joining the siblings for this part. Had a surprisingly satisfying conclusion, as I was convinced Deena and Sam were gonna end up arrested for leaving through his house after killing the chief of police and tracking bloody footprints through his house. Also loved the ending tag, promising more from this series, which has been a real surprise.

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