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This review may contain spoilers.

FINALLY Halloween delivers on my desire to see a reaction to living with the trauma of surviving an encounter with Michael. 

I don’t know that I have a ton to say about this one apart from that it delivers on so much of what people always talk about when they talk about the original, but that I never saw in that film. 

The podcasters are a clunky exposition device and fairly silly in general, as well as being the biggest aspect that will severely date the movie. 

This one relies a bit more on jump scares during the first half that the series usually does, and I don’t love them, but during the second half, the movies really amps up into genuine tension that works so well. 

The stuff with the fake sympathetic not-Loomis is... fine I guess. I can see why they did it but I don’t feel much about it.

The writing on the whole has a few wonky bits and some of the plotting is clunky. 

Judy Greer’s final trick is fantastic fun. 

(This movie clearly has some confusion issues when it comes to high school social dynamics as both the dark haired weirdo pot head dude who hangs out with Laurie and her friend, as well as the chubby funny guy who hyped up the super pretty cool dude would both clearly be gay irl, but the writers try to hook them both up with girls. Just saying.)

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