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  • Mid90s



    This movie feels like a breath of fresh air. I'm so sick of the 80s aesthetic that if I have to see kids riding around on bikes while referencing Star Wars and Ghostbusters, I'll throw up.

    The chemistry between all the characters is what really makes this movie worthwhile for me. The evolution in the relationships between characters felt real and organic. The casting decisions made by Jonah Hill has to be his greatest accomplishment in creating this movie. Oh…

  • Halloween



    It was fine. The thing I thought was missing the most from this film that the original classic is it's use of suspense. What made the original Halloween so good was keeping a sense of unease through it's shot composition, with Myers seemingly always watching. That and of course it's iconic score developed by John Carpenter himself.

    This movie seems to drop many of those classic elements in favor of catering to what modern audiences expect from a horror movie…

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    I went into this movie not sure what exactly to expect. I knew it was about Christianity, or rather, the church but what I got was so compelling, so thought provoking, I would have to say it is most definitely one of the best movies of the year hands down.

    Although these are not ideas I haven't explored in my own mind, the presentation and delivery of these idea are extremely powerful. This is the type of movie that will…

  • Hereditary



    I. Fucking. Hate. Teenagers.
    If you're going to make stupid noises and be on your phone the whole movie, please do everyone a favor and stay home.


    Hereditary is a very well crafted horror movie that has an attention to detail in it's camera work and direction, which is very divergent of modern Blumhouse trash.

    What makes Hereditary stand out is how it doesn't rely on jump scares throughout or manipulative low humming violin to artificially create tension. This…