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  • Cosmopolis



    2019: The Pieper Review -- Film #533 (11/11/2019)

    Is Robert Pattinson's Packer scarier than Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman? It's a question that I will have to wrestle with for the rest of my life. Cronenberg delivers yet another ice-cold, thought-provoking picture with 2012's Cosmopolis. The tone is not for every taste, but for audiences willing to enter a the world of the unfeeling 1%, it could be one of the Canadian master's best. It's always a good sign if I want to rewatch a movie immediately.

  • Barking Dogs Never Bite

    Barking Dogs Never Bite


    2019: The Pieper Review -- Film #532 (11/9/2019)

    Bong Joon-ho's first and "worst," Barking Dogs Never Bite is a macabre apartment drama that bears all of the stamps that define the Korean master as a filmmaker. For starters, the movie features a steady stream of dark humor. Bong's social-political awareness is also on full display - an impressive feat for a first-time director. Additionally, the abrupt but successful shifts in tone that he would go on to master in Parasite…

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  • Naked



    2019: The Pieper Review -- Film #196 (3/26/2019)

    A birthday rewatch of Naked -- this time with my long-suffering girlfriend! She's a Harry Potter nut, so she basically only thinks of David Thewlis as Professor Lupin (we both got a meta-laugh from the early scene where Sophie and Johnny joke about werewolves). By the end of Naked, she appreciated the performance but had no intention of ever wanting to revisit any of these characters again. She resented the fact that…

  • Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood


    2019: The Pieper Review -- Film #386 (7/25/2019)

    SPOILER FREE REVIEW -- Really. Like not even a single detail.

    Like many millenials and Gen-Xers, I am an enormous fan of Quentin Tarantino. Each release has always been an event (perhaps bolstered by the fact that he has repeatedly claimed that he will only make ten films before he calls it quits) and his ninth movie, Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, is no exception. Two weeks ago, I prepared myself…