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  • The Nan Movie


  • Thirteen Lives


  • They/Them


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  • The Nan Movie

    The Nan Movie

    Besides Tate, the biggest draw might be a co-screenplay credit by “Ted Lasso” writer/co-star (and current Hercules) Brett Goldstein

  • Thirteen Lives

    Thirteen Lives

    “Thirteen Lives” is not an exhibition of spectacle in scale or execution. It neither skirts over details too quickly nor goes too deep into technical aspects, arming the audience with enough to know how much is at stake and why.

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  • Elvis


    Raw, gyrating machismo turned Elvis into a god with the power to bring teenyboppers to instantaneous orgasm with a swing of the hips. Under Luhrmann’s unthrottled tutelage, that overwhelming dynamo of charisma is made merely loud

  • Vesper


    Their world-building is astounding. Through a mixture of VFX and practical effects, they have crafted a world that feels as ancient as it does futuristic.