A Moment of Innocence ★★★½

Having recently watched the brilliant Close Up, the Abbas Kiarostami classic that tells the tale of a poor guy who pretends to be the famous film director Mohsen Makmahlbaf, I figured I'd give one of Makmahlbaf's films a go.

A Moment of Innocence is a semi-autobiographical piece that starts with the director putting together a documentary covering the events surrounding his stabbing of a policeman in his youth. The policeman that was stabbed is instrumental in getting the film off the ground and is acting in the film too. This creates an interesting dynamic and blend of reality and fiction, present and past. Pretty cool stuff.

While I can appreciate the screenplay and ingenuity of the story, it just didn't grab me like other Iranian cinema has in the past. I'm struggling to put my finger on why, but this did prove very difficult to find and I settled on watching a pretty ropey 360p version on YouTube which didn't help. I'll definitely give it another go if I can source a better copy.

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