Malignant ★★★★

Does anyone else have a favourite horror swear word? You know, that one that instantaneously pops out like an uninvited fart when the scary stuff happens? Well this one achieved 7 "mother4uckers!" during its perfectly crafted 111 minutes, which is quite an achievement. I really don't like that word and never consciously use it. I'm sorry. Balls, tits, arse, knackers... aaarh ffs. OK, that's better.

So, needless to say this has its creepy, gory and violently awful moments then. Sure, it's a little overly jump-scary, but it felt genuine in its delivery. Sure, the acting is a little light-on in places, but it had me thinking of A L'interieur, one of my very favourite French horror films... and that is definitely a good thing. Sure, the pacing is a little bit all over the place, but then again so are many of the greatest Gialli, and we all seem to love most of those.

All in all then, Malignant is a wonderfully flawed film with enough freakish moments to make it a great warm up for this year's Hooptober challenge, and a contender for horror of the year. Loved it.

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