Possessor ★★★★

As soon as I saw Sean Bean I was wondering how long before he comes to a gruesome end. It's his thing right?

I watched the 'uncut' version of Possessor and have to say this has been a highlight from the 2020 films I've seen so far. It's fairly clear what is happening - like a mashup of Deception and Tenet but without the Christopher Nolan WTF Factor™️.

It's a film about corporate espionage, there's lots of violent nastiness and a fair amount of nudey-time too. Like a crime-drama holy trilogy.

Oh, and Tuppence Middleton is here again. I saw her in a Black Mirror episode recently and after some stealthy ninja research discovered that she is, in fact, the most famous person named Tuppence... ever. Hardly surprising really, but it must be nice to be the 'most' at something.

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